Here is some more information on how to Furnish your house and other ideas to help with making your dolls house a home.


Things you need to consider like:

  • Period - Georgian, Victorian,Edwardian or Modern.
  • Which rooms you want to have in your dolls house?
  • Do you need servants quarters? If you do you may want to add a Basement.
  • Wallpaper, Floor cards, wood flooring, rugs and carpets.
  • Dolls and animals to add character to your dolls house.




Georgian Period - 1714 - 1830

Georgian Dolls House Living room

The Georgian period covers the reigns of the first four Hanoverian Kings, George I, George II, George the III and George IV. 

The Georgian era is well known for its elaborate architecture, a great example of this is the Crescent in Bath.  Porticos, sash and dormer windows are also characteristic of this period. 

Home decor in these years was sparse, many things that we now take for granted were yet to be mass produced (this comes with the industrial revolution and Victorian factories). 

Fashion, leisure time and grand houses were the preserve of the elite in society.  If you choose to decorate your dolls house in the Georgian era it is best to for the grand style.


Victorian Period - 1837 - 1901

Victorian Dolls House Sitting Room

The Victorian era of British history covers the period of Queen Victoria's reign which lasted from 20th June 1837 until her death on the 22nd January 1901.

In total she was on the throne for 63 years and 7 months.  The Victorian era is well known for scientific invention and fashion.  The Great Exhibition of 1851 showcased the greatest innovations and fashions of the century from all around the world. 

Home decor in the Victorian era started simple and as the years went by during Victoria's reign the fashions became more elaborate with heavy drapes, dark carpets and dark patterned wallpapers.   Homes had many ornaments and assorted ceramic collectables.


Edwardian Period - 1901- 1910/14

Edwardian Dolls House Sitting room

The Edwardian era is the period covering the reign of King Edward VII 1901-1910 it is commonly also extended to include the years preceding the commencement of the First World War.  In contrast from Victoria who had withdrawn from society in 1861 following the death of her husband Prince Albert. 

King Edward embraced the society and fashions of Continental Europe. 

The fashions in home decor changed dramatically from the preceding Victorian era,  a new movement, Art Nouveau was embraced.

Furniture, carpets and curtains were made of lighter material and colours, natural light was an important part of designing the layout of a room.


Modern Era - 1945 - Present Day

Modern Living Room

The modern era is anything post Second World War.  There have been many exciting changes in the years after the war.

In regard to home decor we have passed through the austere 1950's to the swinging sixties followed by the 70's and the technology obsessed 1980's

We then pass to the 1990's a decade of cheap consumer good and computers to the millennium and beyond.

The era is hard to characterise because of the huge changes in the past 60 plus years.

If you choose the Modern era as your dolls house design inspiration you have a lot of exciting decorative choices to make. You can let your imagination run wild.


 You can choose an era for the whole of your dolls house or you can mix and match periods in different rooms, For example have a Modern kitchen, Victorian bathroom, a Georgian front door and an Edwardian sitting room.   You can accessorise, furnish and populate with dolls and pets from different eras. 


Wallpapering your Dolls House.

Wallpapering your dolls house

The right wallpaper can really make your dolls house, using colours and patterns from the appropriate time period will help create an authentic space.

Perhaps your whole dolls house is set in one era in which case you may wish to use a variety of colours in a similar design for a sense of cohesion.  

Or you may prefer some changes in your rooms, mixing and matching styles.

Specific papers can also be used for floors or ceilings and some are designed to create a special visual effect.

Many Victorian wallpaper were ostentatious and opulent with rich designs and often 3D effects.  The colour scheme was very vibrant, Reds, Blues, yellows and purples.

Edwardian styles are more relaxed than over the top Victorian styles. 

The colour schemes are more pale blues and yellows.

If you are decorating all of your dolls house or just some rooms in a Modern style you may wish to include a feature wall where you wallpaper only one wall, this is a popular option for a bedroom or living room.

Electrics Welcome to a Brighter Home.

Dolls House lit up

Using real lights to illuminate your dolls house can be a magical experience. 

You need to decide between electric lights on the 12 Volt system using a transformer

or LED lights using 3 Volt batteries.

12 Volt System

12 volt lighting system for a dolls house.

You have a choice between wiring your house by using a sort of extension, multi-socket system in each room or all wires leading to a block at the back of the house. See Lighting

There is also a flat wire copper tape system hiding the wire behind wallpaper or at the back of the house.

Once you have purchased a transformer the 12 volt lights work out to be more economical so for the larger projects people favour the 12 Volt system.


The LED 3 Volt Battery System

LED lighting for a dolls house


Increasing in popularity, dolls house LED lighting is an exciting development making illuminating your house much easier, no longer needing a transformer and trailing wires.  Therefore the light can be placed wherever you like, inside or on the outside of the house, this feature is particularly important on table lamps and carriage lamps.

LED lights can be more suitable for children and people who feel they may want to move their lights from room to room. 

Many of our LED lights have self adhesive pads and magnets which make this idea possible. 

These lights are powered by a long lasting battery at least 72hrs.

Each lamp has its own inbuilt on and off switch. 



Dolls house nursery

Your nursery could be home to one child or several. 

Consider their ages when furnishing. 

Prams and high chairs are better suited to young children, but there is a range of toys for any age and period in history. 

Perhaps incorporate some school elements and a governess for older children.  Maybe have a toy shop, you could stock everything from bikes to board games to building blocks, Teddies and more...


Dining Room

Dining room in a dolls house

Most families keep one set of crockery for everyday use, and another for best, perhaps you might want to keep one range in a display cabinet and another laid out on the table. 

Consider the theme of your dining room, including colour scheme and time period.

When choosing your dining table and chairs, cutlery and tableware, tablecloth and everything else.

A Georgian or Victorian dining room may include serving staff.

A more modern room could have more than one purpose perhaps some board games for after dinner entertainment. 

Don't forget the drinks cabinet to keep the party atmosphere alive.

Why not let me know any of your tips and tricks to help people with their dolls houses. Let me know at 

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