How long will it take for my order to arrive.?

Your order can take between 4 to 10 days depending on whether the items are in stock . If they aren't I will order from the suppliers and post them 1st Class to you when I receive them.

Where are your suppliers?

My Suppliers are in Plymouth Devon UK.

Do you Accept Returns?

Yes if you would like to read our returns or shipping information it is at the bottom of our Checkout page, so you can read before you checkout your items.

Are you a physical Shop?

No we are a family run business from Leigh Lancashire / Grt Manchester UK.  This business is run by me and my 4 children from home.

How long have you been open?

We have been in the Miniature and Dolls house business since 2009, but have just opened this new website this year in October. 


Anymore Questions please don't hesitate to ask either on our Messenger App or on the contact us page. 

Thank you!  Lisa Jane x